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What's new in Seliton 8.0 - Claudia

Sale innovation

1. Campaigns with countdown

Are you ready to acquire new instrument for sale mastering? Merchants who want to increase the amount of their sales drastically, will be able to enrich their business model and sales by using campaigns countdown.

Other than counter for hours and days, these campaigns stand out with special large banners, dedicated pages and thematic descriptions.

It's well known fact that customers often become “addicted” to lucrative offers and look for them systematically. So, watch out – while the counter goes down, the sales go up and the quantities in your storage will start to mysteriously disappear!

2. Special combined offers (Cross Sell)

For the very first time in one stop shop!

Only in SELITON online stores!

We offer you another trick of the Premier League Online retailers – Special combined offers.

Special combined offers  prompt the client to purchase several items together and win a free item or complementary discount from another item.These offers can have a countdown too.

We will illustrate with examples the flexibility and widespread use of these special offers:

3. Sell more (Upsell Popup)

Do you get the maximum of your related products? This is a classic tool for stimulating the sales which finds application in every business niche. That's why we recommend you to leave the SELITON system to offer your clients additional items automatically and insistently right after one click on the “Add to cart” button. But if you preffer to do it on your own, you can.

Two operating modes: insistent, like pop-up window that appears every time the “Add to Cart” button is pressed, and delicate as a section under the content of the cart. They can be used simultaneously and serve different content doubling Your chances for additional revenue.

4. Promotional window – socially ready!

With this window You can welcome every newcomer in your store and encourage him to check out, subscribe and like your Facebook page, Twitter or whatever! We created an option where you decide the frequency of showing so it won't become annoying.

5. Real-time integration with courier company Rapido

Courier module Rapido offers full range of services necessary for the professional work of online retailers: 

  • calculate real-time delivery price
  • print waybill directly from the administrative section of the e-store
  • choice between economy and express shipping
  • delivery of packets, pallets and documents
  • оption to open a consignment before payment
  • add insurance, receipt, weight by default, payer by default and many more
  • plurality addresses of the merchant
  • the Rapido system sends information to the e-store and the status of the delivery changes automatically

6. Experience freedom with Seliton POS

For SELITON 8.0 we created Web POS module and with it's help you can make sells anywhere, anytime (physical included) without using any softwere system other than your store.

The advantages of SELITON Web POS module are:

  • special interface for fast and comfortable handling
  • equires no special equipment, computer or even tablet is enough to sell on pay desk
  • available directly in Admin area of your online store
  • provides you united selling system, with centralized stock management
  • can work with barcode reader (optional)
Design innovation

7. The new design MegaShop with 4 ready themes and module Designer

The new design MegaShop was created to serve online stores with big assortment. It stands out with fast navigation on several levels, divided search and skillfully distribution of rich information. MegaShop design comes with 4 ready color themes plus the ability to make them unique with module Designer.

8. The new design Fashion Boutique  with 5 different themes compatible module Designer

9. The new design New York

10. Multi-Sections (Multi-Tabs)

With Multi-Section option your Home page (or whichever page you want ) will have even more richer and diverse content. Using ready templates with only 2-3 clicks You can combine “Most sell items”, “New items”, “Blog Articles”, “Recommended products”, “Current promotions”, “Brands” and arbitrarily HTML content.

11. Multi-banners

In honor of the store owners who want to have store with glow of fashion magazine or to look like beautiful brochure, we created function for multi-banners.
Multi-banners bring playfulness and freshness on your site and unquestioningly attract the attention of the visitor to them. We have prepared good diversity for you, but please keep in mind to take with measure!

12. A mobile checkpoint

The new ordering process is easier and more modern variant of our tested one page checkout. When it's been used by  mobile devices the system   activates special keyboards to help enter an email and phone number.

Technical innovation

13. Seliton Apps

14. Rest API with documentation and client library in GitHub

15. Nginx inspired server infrastructure

Other improvements

16. Poll

You have a chance to create short and long polls. The short survey  will fit perfectly on the left or right box on your site. But if you want to question your visitors more thoroughly, then we suggest you to use the long poll which will span an entire Web page.

17. Best-selling products according to category

Besides presentation of the best-selling products in general, now in every category is being shown most turnover products in the context of the viewed category.

18. New products based on category

Other than showing new products in general, now in every category in the uppermost will be arranged the items which are new in the context of the viewed category.

19. Checkpoint for translations

For the convenience of online retailers who are export oriented and support their store with various languages, we created “checkpoint” for tracking all Multiple Language sections in the store. The SELITON system obligingly shows you where are missing translations for you to work on.

20. Real time integration with Romanian couriers Fan Courier and Urgent Courier

To help and make life easier for merchants from Romania we developed delivery modules with two of the biggest local courier companies – Fan Courier and Urgent Courier.