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Two-way integration with eMAG

Two-way integration with eMAG

Sell your products in, и with the direct connection between the Seliton platform and eMAG Marketplace

Sell in eMAG, enjoy the amazing success, just like them!

The ecommerce platform Seliton (Summer Cart) is delighted to announce the launching of an extrremely advanced module for a two-way integration with eMAG Marketplace.

From now on all the merchants who would like to become a trusted eMAG partner have the chance to publish their products in the most profitable online platform in Bulgaria. Fast and easy!

The two-way integration with eMAG is an extremely flexible and powerful application that allows you in a fast and effective way to:
- make your products compatible with eMAG requirements
- automatically synchronize lots of products & images
- maintain up-to-date stock availability on eMAG with no risk of errors and consequent penalties
- get the orders from eMAG directly in the admin panel of your very own Seliton online shop


eMAG is the biggest online retailer in Centrral and East Europe with over 1 100 000 new customers in Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary in 2014. As per eMAG's data for 2016 their Bulgarian platform gathered 100 000 visitors on a daily basis and the Romanian one had 1 million people on their website every day (Source: Interview in the Bulgarian business newspaper Capital, May 27, 2016).

The best thing is that eMAG maintaines an expansive partnership's program aiming a massive attracting of other online merchants and theirs products in the platform. During the most popular and profitable eMAG's campaign - “Black Friday” 2016, 329 active merchants registered sales for 4.6 millions leva – 45% more in comparisson to 2015 (Source: Interview in the Bulgarian business newspaper Capital, November 30, 2016).

Now you could become a part of this incedible profit's rates – fast and easy with the new integration between Seliton and eMAG Marketplace.

You send products from Seliton to eMAG


You add must-have elements to your products characteristics according to the eMAG requirements


You receive orders from eMAG directly on your Seliton online shop



The functions of the two-way integration between Seliton (Summer Cart) and eMAG:

General settings:

  • Maintaining an integration with eMAG API for Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary
  • Instant validation of your account
  • Warranty period of the products
  • Delivery terms
  • VAT calculation according to the country of operation
  • Automatic two-ways synchronization every 5 minutes

Product images:

  • Automatic resizing of your product images
    - No efforts from your side
    - No need to edit the existing photos on your Seliton online shop
    - According the eMAG terms of use you must submit all the product images square sized 2000 x 2000 px
    - The “Seliton Sell on eMAG” module saves you a lot of efforts and allows you to send thousands of images in 1 click
  • Keeping the quality of the images


  • Extracting the orders from eMAG every 5 minutes
  • Save an original order's code, date and hour in eMAG
  • Tracking all the customer's data – payment method, products of choice, quantity, single price, delivery price, total purchase price
  • Shipping costs are provided by eMAG
  • You're able to synchronize the eMAG system statuses with your order statuses

Synchronization Operations Log (API Log):


  • Download all of the 2800 categories from in less than 5 minutes

    - At first, eMAG requires you to download their full categories list

    - Along the categories you download also the full list of product features in the categories you unlocked

    - Seliton accomplished a special optimization regarding the speed of the proccess and menaged to reduce the time needed for downloading from a couple of hours to less than 5 minutes although the eMAG surver's settings require a time consuming request's performance

    - Practically this is the first step of your synchronization with
  • Upload your products, variants, variants images, options, attributes in eMAG
  • There is a page to match your categories with the ones of eMAG (mapping of categories)

    - No need to change your personal categories structure. Just choose among the redefined list.
  • There is a page to match your variants and attributes with the ones of eMAG (mapping of product variants)

    - No need to change your personal structure. You might need to develop the version and attributes according to the moderator's requirements of eMAG
  • There is a page to match your values/characteristics with the ones of eMAG (mapping of values and characteristics)

    - The eMAG's system doesn't accept random values/characteristics. You need to download them into your Seliton module
  • For each product you have an extra field to write a product name compatible with eMAG's requirements (optional)

    - eMAG has a strict requirements regarding long narrative item's titles

    - You may change the existing titles of your products or to enter new ones for eMAG


If you have any further questions or you need a presentation of the module, please contact our Sales department at 0700 45 155 (Extension - 2) or at or .