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Retargeting Module

If you want to increase your sales with over 25% use our new RETARGETING MODULE in online store Seliton 8.0. 

Platform Seliton with the partnership with the romanian company Retargeting Biz SRL presents to the clients innovative instruments for automatic marketing and re-marketing.

The module “Seliton Retargeting” provides full integration of every data needed, thanks to which the two systems work as one. “Seliton Retargeting” module is absolutely FREE and available for every packet in Seliton 8.0.

Online stores Seliton won new set of trading instruments through the new module“Seliton Retargeting”.

What is

To put it most simply the system works as Your automatic merchant. She analyzes the behavior and interests of your online stores' customers and after that sends them personal messages and encouragements them to buy the products they've taken interest in. The encouragements happen in 3 chanels: via message, via SMS and “live” in your store.

Officially explained, is additional application to the online stores platform Seliton that creates perdonal e-mail content, personal messages real-time and SMS processes which will suggest to Your customers the products they want to buy.


Little numbers for

  • The evolutionarily software sysmtem is developing dynamically and has already went the path to version 3
  • Over 400 online stores use it
  • 10 of the biggest online tradors in Romania support their solid sales with it
  • The most advanced decision in the region, leader in its area in Romania

and what's the most important...

  • It has generated over 8 500 000 EUR revenues for its users


We have the honor to present to you one extremely developed system for automatic marketing and re-marketing.

With the great help of the module “Seliton Retargeting” You will be granted with access to the powerful functionality of Here it is:

1. Automatic promotion via e-mail that is responsible for 15 different situations

Taking into account the behavior of every customer and the rules you've put, the system automatically prepares and sends personal e-mail messages which are contain individual product offers based individually on the tastes and interests of your client.


The automatical suggestions take over every type of interaction between the customer and your online store:

  • Abandoned cart
  • Abandoned cart with similar products
  • Products of interest (thoroughly considered products which haven't been added in the cart at all)
  • Browse behavior
  • Bounce behavior
  • Lack of activity
  • Share with friends
  • Dynamic subscription
  • Wishlist with products
  • Happy Birthday
  • Social media
  • Frequently Asked Questions & Help
  • Black Friday

2. Ready design templates + extreme makeover without technical knowledge

You have available a number of “worked” templates which have proved to be the most effective. Aside from that, you have the freedom to experiment with your colors and arrangement of content inside the e-mail. 


3. Multi-tests on Your e-mail suggestions

You are curious which title of Your e-mail will cause stronger reaction?

Here is a real example that shows just how useful are the multi-tests:


  E-mail title Conversion
(real purchase)
Opening an email
1 Your favorite products are waiting for you in your cart on promotional price! 21.50% 29.71%
2 Did you forget how much you wanted new shoes? 15,84% 31%
3 Silvia Dimtrova, we have a surprise for you! 14% 55.70%
4 Sale on shoes, up to -70%! Limited quantity! 2,19% 36,71%
  E-mail content Conversion
(real purchase)
1 Hello Silvia Dimitrova,
Did you forget about the products in your cart?
Visit us now and you will find them with lower price!
Do you want them?
This is exactly what we thought, because who doesn't want new signings in his wardrobe!
Faster, the quantities are limited!
Use promo code АВ123 and take advantage of 7% special sale!
*It's necessary to write the code after completing your order.
2 Hello,
Did you know that we love your style?
That's why we took care and carefully prepared your favorite models so we can deliver them to you within 24 hours.
Order them now!
Use the promo code {{discount_code}} and take advantage of {{discount_value}} additional sale!
*It's necessary to write the code after completing your order.

4. Encourage through SMS

Now you have such powerful weapon for advertisement that euphoria just cannot leave you because of the success. If you manage to use it with measure, in big intervals of time and real irresistible offers, SMS reminders will change your level of profitability forever!


5. Chronology and fool history of the user

Our third most favorite functionality in Retargeting!

The most graphic tracking that you have ever seen!

You can watch your visitors' behavior in your online store and find out what REALLY motivates them to buy very easy!



6. Encouraging in real time, responsible for 3 different situations

With “live” automatic suggestions you will create real furore, because you offer to your visitors exactly what they want, right when they want it, with individual for them attractive price.


7. Automatically generate personal discounts + Clever rules