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Business Analysis

Rely on solid statistics and reports

Google Analytics and Google E-commerce Tracking

Google Analytics & Google E-commerce tracking

Google Analytics is a free tool that enables you to measure your website, more particularly to track your visitors and their behaviour. Summer Cart e-commerce store gets connected with your Google Analytics account in 1 click through the admin panel. Thanks to connecting the two systems you will understand:

  • where the visitors of your website come from
  • what visitors search for before they find your website
  • how much time they spend in the website and which pages they prefer

Moreover, for merchants who have experience and need more thorough, deeper insight in tracking a website user from the first visit to the final payment success page we offer a Google E-Commerce Tracking module.

Sales and Profit Reports

14 different reports in table and graphic format

Summer Cart e-shop generates for you 14 types of reports, that can be displayed in two ways – as a table and as a graphic. They are:

Sales reports

  • Sales by product
  • Sales by category
  • Sales by customer
  • Sales by country
  • Sales and Profits

Customer reports

  • Customer countries
  • Page views / visits
  • Views by product
  • Views by category

Order reports

  • Average order amount
  • Order statuses
  • Payment methods
  • Shipping methods
  • Items per order

what is going on in your shop before closing a sale?

Summer Cart e-commerce solution provides its own  Site statistics, thanks to which you can analyze your online shop without logging into other systems. You find answers for questions like:

How many people visit your online shop?

  • The unique visitors, or, in commercial terms, new potential clients, are calculated in Summer Cart daily, weekly or monthly. In order to start selling, your shop needs visitors, right? And the more – the better!

How many pages each visitor opens?

  • If they open only one or two, this means they just took a quick look on your offers and the chance of placing an order is small. In that case you might encourage them with Related products! Apart from that the ratio of number of pages visited per number of unique visitors will clearly help you measure the effect of a new ads or promotions campaign.

Which products are viewed most?

  • Extremely useful statistics which will give you an insight which goods to focus your efforts on, offering for example a better price, more practical description, better images or video.

Which categories are viewed most?

  • Using this report you will know which product categories are the most interesting or most searched for in order to make a clever move and generate more sales.