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What's new in Seliton 8.0

New sales features

1. Countdown Promotions for Sale Campaigns

Are you ready to learn of a new tool for sales mastery? Now traders who want to dramatically increase the volume of goods sold, will be able to enrich their business model and sales by using campaigns countdowns.

With the help of these campaigns You will get visitors to the store to buy impulsively, without delay. In addition tocountdowns for hours and days, these campaigns stand out with special large banners, dedicated pages and specially crafted descriptions. Сreating ancampaign countdown you can combine successful practice from quick deals sites with your own shop and have available the best of both worlds.

The fact that the discounts are only available for a few hours or days, has a powerful impact on the psyche of the buyer. Moreover, customers are often "addicted" to these great offers and systematically look for them. So beware - while the counter goes down, the orders pile up, and the quantities in your store will mysteriously disappear!

2. Cross-Sell Offers

For the first time in a one stop shop!

Only in Seliton online stores !

We offer you another trick of the Premiership traders - Special combined offers.

Special offers combined offer the customer to chance to purchase several items together to win an instant free item or an complementary discount on another product.

The shop will automatically show the client what are the conditions of the special offer which products to combine and what reward he can claim. And these offers can have a countdown.

Let us illustrate with some examples the flexibility and wide range of use of these special offers:

3. Upsell-Popup Offers

Are you using related products to their full potential? From now on they will not go unnoticed.

If you want to sell more complementary products leave the SELITON system to automatically and persistently offer your customers additional items immediately after pressing the "Add to Cart" button.

This is a classic tool to boost sales, which is used in every business niche. You decide whether to manually select your products and categories, or simply leave the system on autopilot to suggest related products.

This functionality has 2 modes: insistent, like a pop-up window that appears each time the  "Add to Cart" button is pressed and delicate as a section under the cart. They can be used simultaneously and serve different content, doubling your chances of additional revenue.

4. Promotional Pop-ups

In this window you can greet each new visitor to your store and invite him to like your Facebook Page or ask him to subscribe to an newsletter or maybe show an banner with current promotions. And in order to not get annoying soon, you have the option to change the frequency at which the promo window is shown.

5. Real-time integration with courier company Rapido

Courier module Rapido offers a full range of services necessary for the the day to day business of online retailers:

  • calculate the cost of delivery in real time
  • print the packing slip directly from the admin of your online shop
  • choose between economy and express shipping
  • delivery of packages, pallets and documents
  • оption to open a consignment before payment
  • add insurance, set the default weight of packages, set default payer of shipping costs and many more.
  • multiple addresses delivery

A distinctive novelty of the Rapido shipping module  is the synchronization of an order in the direction of the Rapido to online shop  powered by SELITON - when the consignment is delivered the Rapido system sends information to the online shop and the status of the order is automatically changed.

6. Web POS (for physical stores)

For SELITON 8.0 we have created an Web POS sales module you can make to make sales in a physical store, without using another software system besides your online store.

Features of the SELITON Web POS module:

  • it has a special interface for fast and comfortable handling
  • requires no special equipment, a computer or tablet is enough to accept in store cash orders
  • accessible directly in the administrative area of your online store, no apps to install
  • provides you with an uniform sales system with a single centralized stock management
  • can work with a barcode reader (optional)
Design innovations

7. New design MegaShop with 4 themes + Module Designer

The new design MegaShop was created in order to serve online stores with a large assortment. It is characterized by fast navigation on several levels, separate search and skilful distribution of information. If you are already large and impressive, this design will be a great fit for you. MegaShop design comes with 4 ready color themes plus the ability to get customize them and make them unique through the Designer module.

8. New design Fashion Boutique with 5 different themes compatible with Module Designer

9. New design New York

10. Multi-Sections (Multi-Tabs)

Through multi-divided sections you can now show 6 times more content in the most visible part of your store. Now the home page or any other page will have even more rich and diverse content. Using ready made templates, with only 2-3 clicks, you can combine best-selling products, new products, Blog Articles, Featured Products, Current promotions Brands and arbitrary HTML content.

11. Multi-Banners

In honor of traders who want to have a shop with the look of a fashion magazine or a beautiful brochure we have created multi-banners.
Multi-banners bring playfulness and freshness to your site and unquestioningly atract the visitor's attention to your products. We have prepared a good variety of asymmetrical and symmetrical layouts, but please keep in mind - use in moderation!

12. New One page Checkout optimized for mobile devices

The new ordering process is made easier in the new version of our optimized one page checkout . On mobile devices, the system activates special keyboards for entering email and phone.


Technical innovations

13. Seliton Apps portal

14. Rest API documentation and client library on GitHub

15. New server infrastructure based on Nginx

More improvements

16. Polls

You can create short and long questionnaires. The short survey that asks only 1-2 questions, is appropriate to fit on left or right box on your site. But if you want more complex information from your visitors, then you should use long poll that will span an entire Web page.

17. Best-selling products based on category

Besides the presentation of best-selling products in general, now in each category you can show the best selling products based on category.

18. New products based on category

Besides displaying new products in general, now in each category you can show at the top the new products based on category.

19. Automatic detection of missing translations 

For the convenience of traders who are export oriented and have their shop translated in several languages, we have created a "checkpoint" to track all the multilingual fields in the shop - product name and description, categories, brands, options, variants, attributes, blog articles, info pages, methods of delivery and payment and other 20 more. The SELITON system helpfully shows you where the missing translation are in order to get down to business right away.

20. Real-time integration with Romanian couriers Fan Courier and Urgent Curier

To make the life easier for traders in Romania we have developed shipping modules for two the biggest local courier companies: Fan Courier and Urgent Curier.